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CERT Medical Bag

CERT Medical Bag

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Be prepared for any emergency situation with our CERT Medical Bag, specifically designed for Community Emergency Response Teams. This comprehensive kit contains essential medical supplies to handle a wide range of injuries and conditions. Whether you're responding to a natural disaster, a community emergency, or providing first aid at a local event, this bag ensures you're equipped to provide critical care.


  • Ace Bandages: For securing dressings and providing support to injured limbs.
  • Adhesive Tape 1" & 2": Ideal for securing bandages, gauze, and splints.
  • Box of Antiseptic Wipes in Foil: Convenient for disinfecting wounds and preventing infection.
  • 2 Bandage Rolls: Versatile for covering wounds and holding dressings in place.
  • 4 Bandages: For immediate wound care and protection.
  • Blanket: Provides warmth and comfort to individuals in shock or exposed to cold.
  • 3pk of Finger Splints: Stabilizes broken or injured fingers.
  • SAM Splint: Moldable splint for immobilizing injured limbs.
  • 3pk of Cold Packs (Instant Ice Pack): Reduces swelling and relieves pain from injuries.
  • 3pk of Hot Packs (Hot Hands Warmers): Provides heat therapy for muscle pain and warmth in cold conditions.
  • Box of Iodine Prep Pads: Used for cleaning wounds and sterilizing skin before procedures.
  • Masking Tape: Multipurpose tape for labeling and securing items.
  • Sponge Bandages: Soft, absorbent bandages for covering larger wounds.
  • 6x Tags w/ Pencils: For triage and identification purposes during an emergency.
  • 6x Triangle Bandages: Can be used as slings, tourniquets, or bandages for head injuries.
  • Tweezers: For removing debris from wounds.
  • Forceps (locking): Useful for holding onto objects or compressing areas during treatment.
  • CERT Tag Rolls (Delayed, Immediate, etc.): Essential for effective triage and prioritization in mass casualty incidents.

Equip your CERT team with the reliable and comprehensive CERT Medical Bag to ensure you're ready to respond effectively in any emergency situation.

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