Drive Preparedness Donations

Help Us Drive Preparedness: Fund an Emergency Vehicle for AFRN

Your generous donation can make a significant impact by funding the purchase and up-fit of a critical emergency vehicle for America's First Responders Network (AFRN). These vehicles are essential for enhancing our capabilities in community safety, disaster response, and emergency preparedness. By contributing to the cost of one of these specialized vehicles, you will directly support our mission to save lives and strengthen communities. Here are the various vehicle builds we need:

  • Response/Rescue - Divers: Equipped for underwater rescue missions.
  • Response/Rescue - Search and Rescue: Finding and saving individuals in distress.
  • Response/Rescue - Staging: Setting up operational bases during emergencies.
  • Response/Rescue - Supplies: Transporting essential supplies to affected areas.
  • Response/Rescue - Watercraft: Conducting rescue operations in water environments.
  • Support - Air O2 Unit: Providing oxygen support in critical situations.
  • Support - Cafeteria and Kitchen: Offering food services to responders and victims.
  • Support - Communications SUV: Facilitating communication in the field.
  • Support - Communications Trailer: Mobile communication hub for coordination.
  • Support - Command Mobile Trailer: Central command center for managing operations.
  • Support - Command SUV: Mobile command unit for on-the-ground leadership.
  • Support - Command Chief: Dedicated vehicle for the chief in charge.
  • Support - Drone: Advanced aerial support for search, rescue, and surveillance.
  • Support - Hazmat: Handling hazardous materials safely and efficiently.

Support - Swift Water: Responding to swift water rescue scenarios. By donating to fund one of these vehicles, you are directly contributing to the readiness and effectiveness of AFRN in times of crisis. Each vehicle is meticulously designed and equipped to handle specific tasks, ensuring that our responders have the tools they need to save lives and support communities.

Thank you for considering this impactful opportunity to support our mission. Together, we can drive preparedness and make a real difference.